A new gold-copper deposit has been discovered in Azerbaijan.

The British company Anglo Asian Mining Plc, engaged in the extraction of gold, silver and copper in Azerbaijan, has opened a new gold-copper deposit «Zafar» in the central part of the Gadabay contract zone.

Report informs, this is stated on the official website of the company.

According to the information, as a result of drilling operations, three mineralized zones were discovered; in total, 12 wells were drilled at a depth of 6,775 meters.

It is reported that drilling work is ongoing at the new field and, if necessary, geophysical work will be performed: «According to the results of the work in 2020, according to preliminary estimates, the potential of the field is approximately 6 million tons of mineralized stone. »

According to Rza Veziri, CEO and President of Anglo-Asian Mining Plc, the company is working to assess the reserves of the new field in accordance with the JORC Code and determine the best way to commercialize the territory.

Anglo-Asian Mining carries out gold production in Azerbaijan under the PSA (Production Sharing Agreement) signed on August 21, 1997. Azerbaijan’s share in the agreement is 51%, the British company Anglo Asian Mining Plc. — 49%. The first gold mining at the Gadabay field began in 2009.